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Five New Year Resolutions of a committed coder

Five New Year Resolutions of a committed coder

This year, why not start early to make your resolutions - give a fresh start to your personal and professional life!


1. Learn Something New

We should never stop ourselves from learning something new. Programmers can make this new year’s resolution to learn something new, whether it is a different programming language, framework or methodology, learning how to better organise yourself or procrastinate less… or even a new easy dish to cook after work! Get out of your comfort zone – you may surprise yourself! As an aside ‘100 days of code’ is the perfect procrastination killer. The rules are simple code daily for more than 1 hour and tweet your progress daily.


2. Make mealtimes device-free

It’s easy to get stuck to your devices while you eat with your friends, colleagues or loved ones. Make it a point to have face-to-face conversations instead during these social times instead.


3. Do things other than programming

Don’t get stuck in a rut. When we have a passion for our work, it’s easy to spend most of your time doing it, even when strictly speaking, your ‘workday’ is over. Learn to ‘switch off’ and do something that interests you, whether it’s travelling, cooking, dancing, or swimming – whatever makes you happy.


4. Take better care of yourself

As a coder, you work long hours, hunched over a computer, concentrating on your work; you often forget to shower or eat. This year make it your aim to take care of yourself. Have breaks. Do things you like. Try to stay healthy, eat well and sleep properly.


5. Start working on your dream project

Most people have a dream project in their mind, but they somehow end up doing something else or procrastinating. Make 2020 the year that you make it happen. Mark the 1st January in your calendar and put your mind to it. You can do (almost) anything if you try hard enough!


Authored by the Finerton.com News Team (Malta)
Images Sourced from Unsplash.com & Pixabay.com

Last modified on: November 22, 2019

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