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How does coding teach life skills to kids?

How does coding teach life skills to kids?

Children engaged in coding projects and activities also develop a wide range of soft skills that can help them throughout their whole life. Here are some of them.


1. Communication

Coders are stereotypically imagined not to be very good communicators. This is far off from reality. It is essential for successful coders to be able to communicate clearly to their team, colleagues, and clients.


2. Problem-solving

Learning the basics of coding helps children to develop an appreciation of how things work. It also teaches them how to use Maths to solve problems in a logical and creative way. This ability to solve problems is, of course, useful in life in general.


3. Creativity

Learning to code is creative in that it is like learning how to read and write in a different medium. Through coding projects, children can experience ways to express their own ideas, rather than somebody else’s.


4. Knowing it’s ok to fail

When children start coding, they are bound to make mistakes. They can learn that failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing and can even be something positive because it serves as a learning opportunity. It also gives them the impetus to try again until they get it right.


5. Abstract thinking

Abstract thinking is the ability to think about objects, principles, and ideas that are not physically present. When children learn languages such as JavaScript or Python that are not immediately visualised, they also develop their ability to make connections.


6. Confidence

Coding gives children the confidence to experiment. They thrive off of the feedback they get from creating something all by themselves. Because coding is easy to pick up, for children, confidence comes easily; coding allows them to be confident and create something in a fun and exciting way.


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Blog carried: 230/01/2019

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