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6 tips to help brighten up your day

6 tips to help brighten up your day

Can’t cope with deadlines? Feeling stressed or depressed? Here are some tips to help brighten up your day.


1. Start as you mean to go on

Start on the right foot as soon as you wake up. When you wake up, try to spend a few minutes looking at something nice – this can be a picture of your partner or kids, your pet or even the view outside of your bedroom window if it’s a nice one. Have a good breakfast and start the day with a positive attitude.


2. Smile at people

Smiles can be highly contagious. Set the tone by sending out positivity and kindness with a smile. And if it doesn’t quite work and people give you weird looks –who cares?!


3. Give a compliment to someone

Giving a compliment to your partner, family member, friend or co-worker during your morning will lift his or her day and also make yours happier, trust us. And, who knows – you may just get one back!


4. Laugh

Call a friend who always puts you in a great mood. Watch kitten and puppy videos on YouTube. Watch that movie or tv series that always ends up with you chuckling on the sofa. A good laugh will lift your spirits and chase away your gloom.


5. Slow it down

We are always in a hurry nowadays… and this can be very stressful. Slow down and smell the roses. Have lunch with a friend (without looking at your watch), walk the dog… whatever it takes to enjoy life at a slower pace than usual.


6. Listen to music

Music has the power to change your mood. If you need a quick pick-me-up, turn on your favourite music that makes you feel upbeat and happy… and turn up the volume!


Would like to receive support while in Malta?

Feeling stressed out or depressed? The Richmond Foundation Malta is ready to listen and provide professional guidance. Richmond Malta supports people experiencing mental health problems and those around them, throughout various aspects of life. You may get in touch with them via the Helpline 1770 or check out their website: https://www.richmond.org.mt


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Blog carried: 230/01/2019

Authored by the Finerton.com News Team (Malta)
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