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The pitfalls of remote working

The pitfalls of remote working

There are loads of advantages of working remotely, among which no commute to work and the possibility to adapt your working environment to your tastes. However, when opting to work remotely, sometimes we do not consider the pitfalls that this can lead to. What are some of the things we need to avoid to be able to work productively away from the office?


1. Problems with managing your time

Working from home means that there are other things that may demand your attention… including at times, your kids. There’s also the dishwasher to be loaded and what about a quick clothes wash? Oh and let’s not forget that it’s easy to check out our social media accounts… just for a minute or two. It’s easy to get side-tracked. There are various ways to solve this. If you are the kind of person who ‘sticks to the plan’, as it were, make a daily timetable/schedule and stick to it where possible. If you tend to be distracted, perhaps a time-management app is the answer.


2. You can no longer differentiate between work and your personal life

With no commute to separate work and home, the line can become blurred. If you are working on a project, for example, it may become easy for to continue working after hours to finish it, rather than complete it the day after. Try to stop working at the time you are supposed to. If that is difficult for you, ask a friend or family member to let you know when it is time for you to stop every day – sort of guilting you into switching off your work persona! Work/life balance is very important.


3. Feelings of isolation

When you are in the office, you share a degree of camaraderie with your co-workers. Working from home can actually be quite lonely, especially for people who are extroverts. Try to keep in touch with your colleagues every so often, through email or video calls.


Authored by the Finerton.com News Team (Malta)
Images Sourced from Unsplash.com & Pixabay.com

Last modified on: May 29, 2020


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