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5 tell-tale signs that mean that you’re likely suffering from mental fatigue

5 tell-tale signs that mean that you’re likely suffering from mental fatigue

Symptoms of mental fatigue can vary from person to person and can impact your behavior, which others may notice even before you do. What are some signs of mental exhaustion?


1. Depression

If you are feeling down or hopeless on a regular basis, you could be dealing with depression. Depression may interfere with your daily work, resulting in lost time and lower productivity. It can also influence relationships and some chronic health conditions.


2. Anxiety

If your anxiety is causing you to stop doing things you enjoy – if it is interfering with your everyday life - then you could be suffering from mental fatigue.


3. Physical signs

Physical signs of mental fatigue may include headaches, an upset stomach, body aches, chronic fatigue, a change in appetite, insomnia, weight gain or weight loss, and increased illness such as colds and flu. Often, your body may feel tired.


4. Behavioral signs

Mental fatigue can cause you to behave in ways that are out of character for you. These may include poor performance at work, social withdrawal or isolation, the inability to keep personal or work commitments and calling in sick to work more often. You can also become snappy with others and may be more quickly triggered to be angry or upset. You may find it more difficult to make decisions, find the right word, or focus on one job at a time.


5. Lack of Motivation

A lack of energy and motivation is a serious problem for anyone who wants to stay productive. If you’d rather curl up on a chair rather than go out, even though you spent most of your day sitting at a desk, you might have some mental fatigue that you need to do something about.


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Authored by the Finerton.com News Team (Malta)
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Last modified on: May 28, 2020

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