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5 Reasons to become a computer programmer

5 Reasons to become a computer programmer

Have you ever considered being a computer programmer? Perhaps it’s on your radar but you are unsure what benefits a career in code could have. Here are just five reasons why becoming a computer programmer in 2020 will be the best career move you have ever made!


1. You will be in demand!

Programming jobs always have been and always will be in demand. As a society, we are getting more technologically advanced and more digitized. This means that those who can code will always be sought after. Not only does this mean that there is an abundance of jobs, but it means salaries are high and you will never be out of work. There is particular demand for coders who have experience in specialist sectors such as AI, blockchain, and machine learning.


2. More opportunities with your current employer!

Pretty much every country has a need for computer programmers. From creating code to automating processes and developing new solutions- programmers are very much needed. If you can code or are learning how to, your employer will want to keep hold of you. As the company grows, it can give you the ability to grow with the company, taking on more tasks and responsibilities moving forward.


3. Less effort than other high-paying jobs!

Ok so being a programmer is not easy and it does require effort. BUT, learning programming can be achieved relatively quickly when compared to other high-paying jobs. If you want to change career and earn good money, you can do so in six months to a year. This isn’t something you could achieve in medicine or the law! After starting work as a programmer, you can continue building your skills to help you stay up to date on the latest technologies. You can also hone in on particular industries to further enhance your career opportunities.


4. You will earn more!

Programing jobs tend to pay a lot more than other roles. Furthermore, programmers can choose to work for a company, remotely, on contracts, or as freelancers. There are even consultancy roles where wages are significantly higher. In 2020, the average software developer can hope to earn around EUR 50,000 per year. Rates vary significantly depending on the industry, for example iGaming, crypto, or fintech.


5. You will develop more soft skills

Learning programming helps to develop a range of soft skills. These include creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, logic, and reasoning. It also helps to hone your problem-solving skills, especially while working under a deadline. A programmer is essentially responsible for creating new ways to solve problems that require ‘thinking outside of the box’. These skills will not only help you professionally but in your personal life as well.
These are just five reasons why you should consider being a computer programmer. There are of course many more. But to figure out what they are, you should take the initiative and dive in headfirst to the world of professional coding and computer programming.


Authored by the Finerton.com News Team (Malta)
Images Sourced from Unsplash.com & Pixabay.com

Last modified on: May 28, 2020


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