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Top programming blogs to follow

Top programming blogs to follow

If you are a programmer looking to improve your skills them you should know that it is important to stay on top of current developments, standards and innovations. One of the best ways to do this is to follow blogs from leaders and influencers in the field. To get started, here are a selection that we think are great (apart from ours of course!)

Each of these blogs has made a name for themselves in the industry by sharing high-quality, relevant and smart information for coders. By following them you can find tips and shortcuts that you wouldn’t have otherwise discovered.


1. Coding Horror

Started in 2004 by Jeff Atwood, an experienced coder from California, this blog Coding Horror is great for those who are into web development, software engineering, and computers in general. It is popular not just for the quality of the information within it, but because of the human touches he gives throughout his writing.


2. David Walsh

This blog, created by David Walsh is a must-read for anyone interested in programming tutorials, shortcuts for JavaScript programming, and modern libraries. Both Walsh and his guest bloggers provide a number of daily posts and commentaries to help readers learn to code quicker and better. You can find information on how to build a video player as well as discover how to use advanced HTML/CSS techniques.


3. A-List Apart

This blog is unique in that it is the work of a number of bloggers, rather than just one. A code-based platform it presents highly entertaining and informative posts that discuss issues affecting user interfaces, web accessibility, programming languages, HTML/CSS and front-end development.


4. WebDevBlog

A relatively new development blog, WebDevBlog contains a wealth of articles focussing on things that matter to web developers such as JavaScript, PHP, React, and HTML/CSS. It has also been featured in a number of high-profile industry blogs including WebDesignerDepot.


5. CodeWall

British web developer, Dan Englishby is the man behind CodeWall and it is known for providing clever, indepth, and thought provoking articles and tutorials for developers working on both the front end and the back end. It covers a range of topics including Node.js, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML/CSS and appeals to both beginners and more experienced programmers.


6. Future Processing

Future Processing is a unique space where visitors can read about industry trends and news regarding software development, IT nearshoring, and coding practices. It is run by a team of IT professionals and software engineer from Future Processing and they specialise in .NET and Java development. With over 20- year of experience, they write whilst drawing on the expertise of their clients and partners.


7. Erik Beernhardsson

An excellent blogger and coder, Bernhardsson’s programming blog takes a good look at many of the issues that impact coders such as IDEs, naming conventions, Windows support issues, and Git repos. If you are looking to pick up tips for your next project or work in corporate coding then this is thee blog for you.


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Last modified on: November 21, 2019


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