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6 innovative smartphone apps for uses that you never knew you needed

6 innovative smartphone apps for uses that you never knew you needed

You may have the latest smartphone, but what real use it is if you don’t have the best and most useful apps installed? We have come up with 6 cool apps (3 for iPhone and 3 for Android phones) that you never knew you wanted… no - needed!


1. Slowly (Android)

This app is like a blast from the past. In today’s fast-paced life, we tend keep in touch with our friends through social media. But it is more like a ‘hit-and-run’ affair rather than a nice, long, leisurely chat. Whatever happened to having a pen-pal? Slowly, is an old-fashioned, slower, more deliberate messaging experience. You set up a simple profile with an avatar, location and a list of interests, and Slowly will then match you with users with similar interests. But here’s the difference to other messaging apps – Slowly adds a time delay element to your messages, encouraging longer-form writing. You also get a stamp depending on where your pen-pal is writing from.


2. Feedly (Android)

Feedly neatly organises all the information and news – such as Online magazines, blogs, Youtube channels - in a single place. Many professionals use it to stay ahead of the market as it is helpful in analysing competitors and trends. It also offers integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote Pinterest, LinkedIn and so on so that you can easily share stories.


3. Google Arts & Culture (Android)

This app teams up with thousands of museums and collections to display artwork, offer VR tours of museums and provide in-depth stories or videos about famous artists, works, and other topics. You can browse works by artist, time period, or colour. You can also check out each museum's virtual offerings, as well as look up museum operating hours and contact details.


4. Cheatsheet (iPhone)

Fed up with trying to remember the million and one passwords you have? The more things we use online, the more usernames and passwords you have to remember. CheatSheet keeps together all those little bits of information you need every day, with easy access. You can also store your hotel address or flight details. Bonus: you can access the information from your Apple Watch.


5. Sleepbot (iPhone)

Find it hard to sleep? This sleep-monitoring app can help by you answering some questions which will allow you to set a gradual alarm that lets you wake more naturally, monitor how much you toss and turn at night, enjoy some ambient noises and much more.


6. Lake (iPhone)

Colouring books for adults have recently increased in popularity as they are proving to be one of the best ways to relax. And now you can colour on your phone as this app features a variety of images that you can paint using your iPhone or iPad.


Authored by the Finerton.com News Team (Malta)
Images Sourced from Unsplash.com & Pixabay.com

Last modified on: August 27, 2019


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