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5 Tips that can help interest your kids to take up coding

5 Tips that can help interest your kids to take up coding

Many parents would like their children to start learning how to code from as young an age as possible. However, it’s not simple a question of pushing the kids into it. They have to want to do it. Here are six tips to help you start your children’s interest in coding.


1. Emphasise that coding is creative and fun

If children see coding as yet another school subject like Maths and Science, they are not going to be very keen on it, are they? But if you tell and show them how it can be fun and that they need to use their imagination and creativity… well, that’s a different story. Keep it light and don’t ‘force’ it, especially initially, and you will find that, once they start to enjoy it, they will want to keep at it.


2. Let them experiment and explore

If you search, you should find age-appropriate tools and apps that give your kids enough room to play. Encourage them to experiment, and, if they need help (which they invariably will do at one point or another), explain in a simple way and don’t let them get overwhelmed. Don’t be a ‘helicopter parent’ – leave them to their own devices when you can and don’t be worried if they make mistakes – it’s how they learn.


3. It’s the journey, not the destination

The aim is not to have your kid become a coder by age 7 or whatever; but for them to work on projects which stimulate their interest in the subject… no matter how ‘long’ it takes.


4. Remember that each child is unique

Each child has different interests and different passions. Encourage students to try what seems interesting to them – for example, if they like to read, your kids could build a website where they can publish reviews of books that the have read. If your kid is into robots, they could create a programme to operate them. The possibilities are endless!


5. Get rid of the gender stereotype

A lot of girls don’t go into coding because they think (or have been told) that ‘It’s for boys’… that statement cannot be further from the truth. Make it clear that coding is for everyone, and that both boys and girls can make excellent coders.


Authored by Finerton.com – June 2019
Credits Pixabay.com & Unsplash.com

Last modified on: June 27, 2019


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