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6 reasons why women should take up coding

6 reasons why women should take up coding

It’s 2019 and unfortunately coding is very much still thought of as a male-dominated industry… and this sadly actually makes sense, as the number of graduating students, particularly women, in the computer science world is still very low. What are some reasons why women think of coding as a viable career path?


1. Women are very good developers

According to a 2016 study, out of 3 million pull requests submitted on GitHub, code written by women was approved at nearly 79% compared to male-written code being approved at 74.6%.


2. It is empowering

Almost everything we do nowadays is powered by technology. Having the skills to power the machines that run our lives is so empowering. How much better to be self-sufficient and use one’s own skills to build a website or programme a game, for example, rather than pay someone else to do it! In the process, you are changing the stereotype that men can do technical tasks better than women can when, in reality, it is quite often the opposite.


3. It increases your employability

Coding skills are applicable to pretty much any industry you can think of, and are sought after by employers. Once you learn the basics, you already make yourself much more marketable. Plus, programmers are always in high demand. And bonus… jobs in coding are usually very well paid!


4. You understand the world around you better

All of us use the internet, our smartphones, video games… but few of us know how they work. Coding opens up a new world of us understanding the technology we use every single day of our lives.


5. It teaches you how to ‘think’

Learning to code does not only give you technical knowledge but also also a new way to approach your work; it can help you become more attentive to detail and to think more logically.


6. It’s fun!

What’s better than creating your own website, programming a robot or creating your own video game? Coding allows you to create anything you can imagine.


Authored by Dmax Blogging Team for Finerton.com – January 2019


Images: Unpslash.com


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