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6 must-have soft skills for coders

6 must-have soft skills for coders

Nowadays, it’s not enough to be good at your job; you are also expected to have good people skills. What are some essential ones for you as a coder?


1. Empathy

Empathy puts yourself in other people’s shows and allows you to see things from their point of view. This is very useful especially if you are trying to build a good team feeling. When people know that you are listening to what they say and taking it on board, it makes them feel valued.


2. Writing skills

It’s all well and good to be a beast in the boardroom or the best-spoken person in the office… but can you write a well-crafted email? Would you be able to whip up a nicely-presented report if you were asked to? Talking well and expressing your thoughts in a clear way is great but it is also important for you as a programmer to have the ability to put your thoughts and words in writing.


3. Focus

It is so, so easy to get distracted nowadays – by your phone, the internet, your colleagues… just to name a few – but if you want to produce great work, you need to be alert. You need to have attention to detail and focus, or else your work will suffer.


4. Social skills

Yep, social skills are as important at work as they are at ‘play’. Do people smile when you are part of their team? Or do they groan inwardly (and sometimes outwardly as well) when you enter the meeting room? Do they seek you out when they need your help or do they suddenly exist the kitchen area when you go in to make a cup of coffee? You get the gist. Try to be the one who everyone looks forward to seeing.


5. Problem solving

At one point (or several points), problems are going to crop up. Believe it or not, how you approach the problem can have an impact on your career. Problem solving is definitely a key skill that employers look for. If the problem is of your own making, do admit responsibility. Analyse what went wrong, then use this particular instance to try and avoid similar mistakes in the future.


6. Time Management

As a coder, knowing how to manage your time is crucial. Managing your time effectively allows you to focus on what is most important and to complete your tasks more efficiently.


Authored by Dmax Blogging Team for Finerton.com – January 2019


Images: Unsplash.com

Last modified on: January 30, 2019


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