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6 ways to detox your mind from negativity (so you can give your best at work & in life)

6 ways to detox your mind from negativity (so you can give your best at work & in life)

Work is stressful. Family life is stressful. Sometimes, even friends can be stressful. Sometimes things seem bleak and dark and negative thoughts make us feel down. We need to stop and recharge. But how?


1. Be mindful

All too often, we go about life not noticing our surroundings. It’s like we wake up every day, do our thing and go to bed without realizing why we are so tired. It’s ok to stop and smell the flowers – figuratively and literally – once in a while.


2. Be with people who exude positivity

Some people just seem to drain the energy out of the room. Try and avoid these kinds of people as much as you can. Surround yourself with people who add value or positivity to your life.


3. Exercise

Go for a walk or a run. Schedule a weekly swim. Join a gym or dance or aerobics or yoga class. Play a game of tennis or a round of golf. Whatever works for you! It is a well-known fact that exercise boosts your overall happiness and makes you feel better.


4. Stop trying to be perfect

Nobody’s perfect. We all make mistakes. It’s impossible to do everything right all the time. Forgive yourself and move on.


5. Get rid of clutter!

A cluttered desk / house / car leads to a cluttered mind. Tidy up your work and home space and get rid of tings you have no use for and which are only taking up valuable space. You’ll feel much better afterwards. It works, we promise!


6. Count your blessings

Write them down if you must. Sometimes, all we can see are the bad things that are happening to us and the negative things that surround us. Putting pen to paper and actually thinking about the positive things in your life will make you feel grateful for the good that you’ve got in your life.


Authored by Dmax Blogging Team for Finerton.com – January 2019


Images: Unsplash.com

Last modified on: January 30, 2019


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