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5 reasons why moving to Malta (to work in IT) is a great experience

5 reasons why moving to Malta (to work in IT) is a great experience

The first thing people mention about Malta to people thinking about moving here is the great weather and beautiful beaches… but the island is SO much more than just sunny skies!


1. The IT industry is booming

The Information Technology industry in Malta has long been on the rise, having peaked with a large number of gaming companies basing themselves in Malta. Apart from gaming companies, there are also several financial services companies, as well as specialised IT Services companies dotting the island.


2. It’s so easy to communicate

With English being one of the two official languages, most people speak it fluently. A large number of local websites, news portals and newspapers are in English as well. Most companies have absolutely no problem in conducting their business – and their meetings – in English… and it makes buying a loaf of bread or carton of milk from the local grocer much easier! Moreover, many locals also speak Italian, with a few having a smattering of French, Spanish or German. All legislation in Malta is in Maltese and English.


3. The ‘living’ is easy

If you come from the EU, you benefit from freedom of movement making it relatively simple to relocate to Malta (you have the right to own property, live and work in Malta). If you are not from the EU, there are a number of different agreements and residence programmes available.


4. Your salary

Although on average Maltese salaries are quite low when compared to other European countries, salaries are very dependent on industry, with the highest paying being those related to the financial and IT industries, so you’re in luck. It is also common for additional benefits to be part of the remuneration package.


5. It’s easy to get away

If your work – or home – life requires you to travel, have no fear – Malta is very well-connected to the outside world via the Malta International Airport. So whether you need to go to a business meeting in another country, or are simply homesick and want to go home for the holidays… you’re sorted.


6. ‘You-time’ is guaranteed

Outside working hours, the Maltese lifestyle is very laid-back. People tend to use the weekends to have fun, relax, get some culture in and meet friends and family. Life is good!


Authored by Dmax Blogging Team for Finerton.com – January 2019

Last modified on: January 30, 2019

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