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5 predictions that are set to shape the future of websites

5 predictions that are set to shape the future of websites

In just over 25 years, the World Wide Web has change the way we work and live. What could be in store for us in the next decade or so?


1. Smart sites will become much more common

Websites will become ‘smart sites’ that aim to create the optimal user experience and a more seamless occurrence for all users in the future. The internet of things will explode and interacting with smart technology will become second nature more and more.


2. Chatbots will start to take over

Chatbots are changing both the user experience and the marketing game and are advancing rapidly. They are currently used widely in Messenger apps and certain companies to create more unique customer service.


3. Artificial Intelligence will be key

In the future everyone will have AI devices such as an Amazon Alexa. This means that your website audience will be using them to read your site rather than their own eyes. This has already started with IBM’s AI ‘Watson” ‘ which offers a WordPress plugin that does the time-consuming job of organising, cognitively tagging and distributing content based on your user’s behaviour, questions or projected needs.


4. Marketing Automation will be more popular

We will continue to see advances in automated systems for collecting data, integrating it into your website and communicating with your customers. It will be possible to tailor-make your website can be tailored to offer solutions to your users by showing the relevant information.


5. Paper policies will pretty much become obsolete

Giving consumers, producers and customer service representatives the ability to interact and bind insurance electronically saves time and money. More companies will adopt digital tools such as s-signatures, e-docs and e-messages to provide a faster, more seamless experience for your clients.


Blog authored by the Finerton.com News Team (Malta), September 2018.


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Last modified on: September 27, 2018


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