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5 Ways to Turn Social Media into Your Personal Brand Ambassador

5 Ways to Turn Social Media into Your Personal Brand Ambassador

You might think that your personal social media pages are just that- personal- but you would be wrong. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are some of the first places that recruiters and potential employers will head to when checking out new talent, so making sure that your online presence is well branded and reflects your personal and professional capacities is extremely important. Of course, social media should still be fun but there are several ways that you can up the ante and turn your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn’s timelines into your own personal brand ambassador.

1. Upgrade your Photos

When it comes to choosing the perfect profile picture, it is probably best to steer away from an image of you downing sangria in Magaluf, and instead go for a flattering head shot, minus too many Instagram filters. Remember, your profile picture is one of the first people things will see and first impressions really do count. Dress neatly, smile, avoid any complicated angles and look directly at the camera.

2. Get your text content properly written & proof read

If you are going for a job with an IT company like us, you might think that the text content on your profiles doesn’t need to be top-notch. The reality of the matter is that mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation signify a lack of attention to detail, a lack of professionalism, and that you probably rushed it- traits that are not desirable in any industry. Take your time, write clearly and succinctly, use spellcheck and if you aren’t sure, get a well-read friend to cast their eye over it just to be sure.

3. Include testimonials and endorsement from past client and / or employers

Whilst this is not appropriate for Facebook, if you are using LinkedIn (and you really should be) then getting testimonials from past clients, employers and colleagues to boost your profile is really important. Why not send out a few messages to professional contacts and invite them to write a couple of words about you? Having this type of feedback readily available for others to see helps to reinforce your brand, as well as the claims that you make in your CV and covering letter!

4. Stick to a regular posting regime

It is all very well and good having the most professional and comprehensive social media profile out there, but if you are not posting regular updates, your followers and friends will soon lose interest. Whilst you don’t need to post something every single day, you should be aiming to update a minimum of 3 times a week. Be sure to keep an interesting mix of content as well such as blog posts or articles that have interested you, a couple of appropriate images such as the lovely view from Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta, and depending on your platform of choice- your thoughts or ideas. Providing a varied selection of content, including things that will interest your contemporaries will keep people waiting for your next post.

5. Choose your friends and the people that you follow, well and network intelligently

They say that you should always choose your friends wisely and that is especially true of social media. Try to avoid being “friends” with people that you don’t know or people that might post inappropriate comments on your posts. Stick to contacts that you know either personally or professionally in real life and when it comes to who you “follow”, pick people that are influential and appropriate, rather than just celebrities. You can use networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to network with contemporaries and to find out about new opportunities and developments, but remember to keep all communication polite, informative, professional, and positive!


Last modified on: September 07, 2018


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